Profesionalno, ali sa dušom. Miodrag G. Srbija/Požarevac
Na letovanju sam doživela sve mnogo, mnogo lepše nego što sam i mogla da zamislim. Organizacija i usluga su bili diskretni i ljubazni. Ja jednostavno nemam primedbi, bila sam na ovozemaljskom Raju. Hvala CARPE DIEM TRAVEL!Gordana B.Srbija/Beograd
Vasa usluga I profesionalno angažovanje je na više nego vrhunskom nivou. Kad to kazem mislim pre svega na Gos. Miroslavu jer sam sa njom bio najvise u kontaktu. Sve pohvale !!! Milan S.SAD/Florida
Pre svega da vam se zahvalim na svemu. Sve sjajno. Molim vas da me kontaktirate za 2016 kad budete imali ponudu za Letnju školu joge na Hvaru. Vesna H.Srbija/Beograd
Moja iskustva su odlična.Program koji nam je obezbjedjen sjajan. Druženja sjajna. I da, na kraju saradnja sa vama je odlična. Zahvalna sam Vam što ste se potrudili da mi obezbjedite mjesto. Danijela K. BiH/Banja Luka
Superb support and care from the team at CarpeDiem in Belgrade. Efficient transfers to and from the airport, despite the antisocial hour of my arrival. Wonderful and highly personalised tour of special aspects of the city. It is not often that one is entertained to morning coffee by a princess giving the history and a guided tour of her house. The Durer exhibition was a nice bonus. Then our visit to the mecca of Serbian tennis followed by the brilliant test drive of a Segway. Excellent all round Alastair Forbe

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Novi Sad

  Warm welcome to Novi Sad, a city where diversity and differences are understood as an advantage.

It is a city rich tradition and culture, the city of many nationalities.


City perfectly fits into a rich tradition of Pannonian plain, in which everything is prone to grow, from well-preserved secession to post-modern architecture. Nowadays, a widely recognizable symbol of the city is Exit Festival, while in the past, and even so today that place has been reserved for the Serbian cultural institutions: Matica srpska – the oldest cultural-scientific institution of Serbia, Serbian National Theatre, Sterijino pozorje Theatre Festival… Furthermore Novi Sad in contrast to many other European destinations, has the reputation, by full right, of a multinational, multicultural and multi-confessional metropolis in which all differences are seen as advantages.Novi Sad

 Novi Sad was founded at the end of XVII century, near the Fruška Gora hill. The famous Petrovaradin fortress was built in the beginning of XVIII century and was called Gibraltar of the Danube. The city celebrates 1st February which commemorates the event of 1748 when it received its first charter of a free royal town, issued and signed by Empress Maria Theresia, who granted the city a high degree of autonomy within the Habsburg Empire. In the 19th century, the city was the capital of Serbian culture, earning the nickname Serbian Athens. In that time, almost every Serbian novelist, poet, jurist, and publicist at the end of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century had lived or worked in Novi Sad some time of his or her career..Novi Sad


 Novi Sad is second largest city in Serbia and the capital of  Autonomour Provice of Vojvodina, with the population of about 400.000 habitants.

 The city lies on the European Corridor 10 which connects eight countries on its main route from Salzburg to Thessaloniki, and another six countries with its side routes. The European Corridor 7, or the Danube River waterway, connects Western European countries to the Black Sea. Novi Sad is also connected with the Danube – Tisa – Danube canal system, which enables navigation from the Central Europe to the Black Sea. Novi Sad is located on 1,225th kilometre of the Danube flowNovi Sad

 There are a few languages in official use, Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak and  Ruthenina

 Some of the most famous attractions of Novi Sad and surrounding area

We recommend

  • Walking tour   city center – Freedom Square, Matica srpska – the oldest cultural-scientific institution of Serbia, Serbian National Theatre,  the Roman Catholic church, the Vojvodina Hotel (the oldest city hotel), City Hall, a walk down Zmaj Jovina (the central pedestrian street ), the Bishop’s Residence, the Dunđerski Mansion and Miletić’s House,  the Dunavska street, Synagogue…
  • Petrovaradin fortress, „Gibraltara on the Danube“, the magnificent fortress, masterpieces  of military architectre of XVIII century, visiting its underground tunnels, depth of over 40 meters; it also has the artistic center with many studios,…
  • Sremski Karlovcismall, romantic city of history and wine. Situated on the bank of Danube, about 8 km from Novi Sad. It has traditionally been known as the seat of Serbian Orthodox Church in the habsburg Monarchy. Tour includes Patriarchy residence, Orthodox church, first Serbian high grammar school. The Honey Museum, honey and wine tasting
  • Fruška goravisit Serbian Holy mountain of 16 Orthodox monasteries, built in the period of 300 years.   You can enjoy the specialities of Vojvodina Cuisine and world renowned wines, such as famous Bermet wich had been served at the court of the Habsurg kings and at the Titanic ship.


 Tell us your wishes 🙂

Podaci su preuzeti sa sajta Turisticke organizacije Novog Sada

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